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Saturday, February 24, 2024

KRWA is governed by a seven-member board of directors elected by the membership. See both the latest and archived minutes in our news section.


Officers and Directors

Scott Robertson, President:  scottarobertson17@gmail.com
Mike Fulkerson, Vice-President:  mfulkerson@crwd1.com
Bill Shroyer, Secretary:   bshroyer@cityofsabetha.com
Carl Chalfant, Treasurer:  washadm@washingtonks.net
Mike Schultz, Director:  mdaw@st-tel.net
Patricia Shaffer, Director:  RURALH2O5@aol.com
Tom Sloan, Director:  tomsloan45@gmail.com

National Rural Water Association Director:
Bill Shroyer bshroyer@cityofsabetha.com

KRWA Association Office -  krwa@krwa.net 785/336.3760
Elmer Ronnebaum, General Manager  krwa@krwa.net  785/294-1493
Daryn Martin, Assistant General Manager  dmartin@krwa.net  316/621-0314
Laurie Strathman, Administrative Assistant  laurie@krwa.net 785/336-3760
Javon Baker, Technical Assistant  javon@krwa.net  316/214-5537
Lonnie Boller, Surface Water Tech  lonnie@krwa.net  785/547-5523
Debbie Brooks, Office Assistant debbie@krwa.net   620/238-0628
Brian Bowles, Wastewater Tech  brian@krwa.net 785/643-1455
James DePriest, Energy Assessment Program  james@krwa.net  620/228-2988
Greg Duryea, Part-time Assistant   greg@krwa.net
Doug Guenther, Technical Assistant  dougg@krwa.net  785/445-2283
Doug Helmke, Water Rights/Source Water Tech  dhelmke@krwa.net  785/640-4701
Terry Hobbs, Source Water Protection Tech  terry@krwa.net  785/735-4031
Stewart Kasper, Training Coordinator/Technical Assistant  stewart@krwa.net  913/731-4004
Tony Kimmi, Technical Assistant  tony@krwa.net  913/370-0097
Kris Kline, Technical Assistant  kris@krwa.net 785/219-1990
Jeff Lamfers, Consultant  jeff@krwa.net  913/850-8822
Lorraine Lowrey, Wastewater Specialist  lorraine@krwa.net 316/617-7063
Pat McCool, Consultant  pat@krwa.net  785/215-9427
Greg Metz, Technical Assistant  gmetz@krwa.net  785-541-0342
Charlie Schwindamann, Wastewater Tech  charlie@krwa.net  785/562-7336
Jason Solomon, Technical Assistant  jason@krwa.net  620/203-9302
Jon Steele, Technical Assistant  jon@krwa.net 620/931-0394
Mark Thomas, GIS Mapping Tech  mark@krwa.net  785/294-8295
Monica Wurtz, Apprenticeship Program Coordinator/Technical Assistant  monica@krwa.net  785/262-7301
Bert Zerr, Consultant  bert@krwa.net  785/410-5008