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Friday, December 1, 2023

Online Activities & Resources

Choose from these quizzes, puzzles, software simulations...  Your name and answers will not be recorded in any way.  At the end of the lessons, you can view your results.

Class I - Wastewater
Class I - Operator
Class I - Water Distribution

Class II - Operator
Class II - Water Distribution

Class III - Water Treatment
Class III - Water Distribution

Class IV - Water Distribution

Learning Excel
Workbook Basics
Function Basics
More Training on Microsoft's website

Puzzle: KRWA is going to PIECES! Try our puzzle to put us back together.

Have you ever sat dejected looking at a blank Excel workbook? No need to reinvent the wheel ... here are some MS Excel Templates that rural water or small city offices can use in real world situations. If you have a need to track water loss or usage, financial transactions, operating or capital improvement budgets, or equipment and inventory, these are the templates for you!