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2 Letters
4 KRWA Establishes Scholarship in Honor of Dennis Schwartz
6 Efforts to Modify Regulatory Requirements - An Ongoing Process
10 Legally Relevant: Guidelines for Taking Interest of Land in Kansas
14 On-Site Assistance Contract Provides Invaluable Help to Public Water Systems in Kansas
18 Bill to Ban Microbeads Approved by House Subcommittee
20 Public Wholesale Water Supply District No 26 Will Soon Supply Water to Systems in Chase County
24 Locating Waterline Leakage is Sometimes Next to Impossible
28 Doniphan RWD 6 Moves Towards Construction
31 Nebraska and Kansas Agree to Short-term Management Plan on Republican River
32 Mark Your Calendars . . . 2016 Annual Conference & Exhibition Preview
34 THMs and HAAs in Drinking Water Considering the Factors and Meeting the Requirements
40 Rate Setting -- It's Not So Easy!
42 KAN STEP Program Has Nine Projects in Progress
50 City of Wathena Eliminates Troublesome Waterline
54 Salina's Scour Key Replacement Project
58 A Surprise Emission of Chlorine Gas from a Master Water Meter
60 Fantastic Ways to Create and Track Your To-Do Lists
64 New Water System Brings Added Problem of Thermal Expansion for Homeowners in Small Town
66 The Pros of Piggybacking, or Cooperative Purchasing
70 The Public Notification Rule: How Effective Is This Rule and Are Changes Needed?
74 Accuracy of Testing Equipment and Procedures Necessary to Verify Water Quality
76 Small Water System Case Study: City of Dearing
78 The Revised Total Coliform Rule -- Changes Are Coming!
82 New Beginnings; Exciting Times Ahead with Windows 10
86 Accurate Maps Are Invaluable
88 USDA Rural Development Introduces Online Loan Application
90 Training Session at Manhattan Draws Another Big Crowd
92 Other Voices: Are We Ready to Change Our Thinking About Water?
93 A Full House at the McPherson Opera House for KRWA Training Session
95 Advertisers' Index
96 Fun & Philosophy

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2 Letters
4 My View of KRWA: "Be Here Now!"
6 USDA Rural Development Offers Assistance with Loans and Grants and Supports Technical Assistance Programs
10 Legally Relevant: Authority of Officers, Employees and Consultants to Modify a Contract
14 Pigging Rural Water Line Helps Improve Water Quality
16 Municipal and RWD Water Use Reduction: Unnecessary and Costly
22 Computer Corner: New-Techno-Intoxication
26 Common Mistakes Made Using the Hach Pocket Chlorimeter Chlorine Residual Test Kit
30 EPA Advisory Group Focuses on Lead Service Line Replacement Requirements in Lead and Copper Rule Revisions
32 2015 KRWA Annual Conference Review: Preconference Sessions, Award Winners, Speakers, and More
66 KRWA Assists With a Well Cleanup at City of Lyons
70 City of La Cygne and USDA Rural Development Celebrate Earth Day
72 DWR's Online Water Use Reporting System Successful
77 USDA Rural Development Financing Assists Six Kansas Communities
78 Troubleshooting a Sewer Force Main Problem at Concordia, Kansas
81 In the City of Somewhere, Kansas, a Sheriff Serves Notice: KOMA Violation
82 Sumner County RWD 5 System Improvements Include Wells, Storage and Plant
86 After 15 Years, Public Wholesale District No. 19 Is in Service
88 Bonner Springs Constructs New Filter Backwash Settling Tank
90 What You See Is What You Get
93 Your Web Site Says a Lot About You
96 Good Reasons to Consider GIS-Based Mapping
98 KRWA Attends EPA's Vulnerability Self Assessment Tool Training
100 Locating and Correcting "Non-Revenue Water" Requires Persistence, Tools
102 Keeping or Hiring the Right, and Hopefully, Long-time Operator
104 Requirements for Production Meters
106 What's a Utility to Do with Abandoned Funds?
108 Other Voices: Ag Practices Must Adapt to Declining Water
111 Advertiser's Index
112 Fun & Philosophy

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2 Letters
4 The Many Hats We Wear
6 Water Use Per Capita - The Importance of Definition
10 Legally Relevant: Preventing Theft, Fraud and Embezzlement
14 Interest in Backflow Prevention - Cross Connection Control in Kansas is High
16 KRWA Brings Training for Water and Wastewater Systems to Communities Across Kansas
18 Federal Regulations: "Taking It To The Next Level"
24 Water System Improvements at Green Treat for Nitrate
28 Osage City Lake Restored with Mechanical Dredging
32 2015 Annual Conference & Exhibition: "The Many Hats We Wear"
57 WaterPAC and the Power of Your Association
58 Challenges for Stockton Wastewater Improvement Project
62 Kansas Water Authority Appoints Goal Setting Committees
64 NPDES Electronic Reporting Rule to be Finalized Soon
66 Public Land Survey System Knowledge Remains an Important Skill
72 Steps to Finding and Correcting Water Loss
76 Hydrogen Sulfide in Hot Water Heaters
78 Einstein's Desk - Organization and the Clutter Correlation
82 Get Long Service Live with Good Maintenance of Water Storage Tanks
86 Adapting GIS to Mobile Devices
88 Forty Years of the Safe Drinking Water Act
92 Kansas Water Use and the Governor's "Vision for the Future of Water in Kansas"
96 Pipeline Lining Used on Colony, Robinson and Troy Sewer Line Rehab Projects
100 Small Water System Case Study: City of McFarland
102 How to Reduce Total Phosphorus in Wastewater Utilities
106 Bits & Pieces
111 Ad Index
112 Fun & Philosophy

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2 Letters
4 The Many Hats We Wear
6 Controversy Concerning Proposed Rule to Clarify Clean Water Act
8 Legally Relevant: On-Call Time
12 Understanding Costs Essential To Creating Fair and Adequate Water Rates
16 Implements Improvements
20 Preliminary Discussion Draft of Vision for the Future of Water in Kansas Released
22 City of Sedgwick Pays for New Meters and Equipment from Capital Funds
26 Oberlin Chooses New Well Field over Treatment to Solve Arsenic and Uranium Problem
30 2015 Annual Conference & Exhibition Preview
32 So You Want To Buy a Water Right? Do It Right!
37 The "Globally Harmonized System" of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals - What is it?
40 An Endangered Species: The Desktop Computer
42 City of Kirwin Selects POU Systems as Less Expensive Alternative for Nitrate Removal
48 Rechlorination - An Obvious Remedy to Improve Residuals for Many Water Systems
52 Computer Corner: The Perils of Cloud Computing
56 KAN STEP Program Has Nine Projects in Progress
60 Cherryvale Completes Huge Remodeling of Armory As Community Building Thanks to KAN STEP Grant and Volunteer Services
62 After 2,000 Years - New Wastewater Technology ... And It’s Not Gravity!
64 Is Your water System Prepared for a KDHE Inspection?
66 Hillsboro, Kansas Using SEMS Mobile to Consolidate Work Orders
69 Finding and Repairing Leaks, Reducing Water Loss are Critical to Water Systems, Large and Small
72 Land Application of Sludge from Municipal Lagoons and Compliance with the Part 530 Biosolids Rule
76 Communications 101
79 KRWA Sponsored Water and Wastewater Training
80 Smith Center Makes Water System More Operable with Valve Insertions
82 From the List-Serv : To an Ordinance for the Obvious?
84 New Statewide Aerials from DASC Offer Higher Resolution
86 The RATES Program is Making a Difference
88 Funding Options for Cities and RWDs in Kansas
92 GPS Mapping Provides Long-Term Benefits to Cities, Water Districts, Other Utilities
95 Advertisers’ Index
96 Fun & Philosophy

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2 Letters
6 KRWA Is True to KRWA’s Mission — Providing Education and Leadership
8 Thank You, Senator Dole!
10 Legally Relevant: Frequently Asked Questions — Pipeline Easements
14 How to Keep the Water Fund Afloat
18 2014 Conference Review — Session Summaries, Keynote Addresses, Awards, Prize Winners, and More
52 Excess Selenium Causes City of Gove to Make System Improvements
56 Excessive Duckweed Causes Problems for Wastewater Treatment in Lagoons
60 Enroll in IMAP or ITIC with the Kansas Notification Center
64 Computer Corner: Paperless Billing, Communication in 2014
68 Kansas Aqueduct Feasibility Being Re-Studied
76 It’s 8 O’clock on Main — How Many Hats Does a City Clerk Wear?
78 Consequences of Not Knowing What’s in Hauled Sewage Could Cause Big Problems
82 Non-Enforceable Standards Being Used as Enforceable Standards
90 Playing Well With Others — or, When Good Intentions Go Bad
94 The "Terrible Teens" Drought: Is This the New Dust Bowl?
98 Duty Changes by Staff at the Kansas Department of Commerce Announced
100 Jefferson RWD 11 Chooses Ice Pigging to Clean Some Pipelines
102 Lab Results to be Emailed by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment
104 Long-Overdue Well Rehab Helps Small Town of Herndon, Kansas
106 Dennis Schwartz Retires from KRWA Board of Directors’ Position
107 Carl Chalfant Elected to KRWA Board of Directors
108 Bits and pieces: KRWA Participates in EPA VSAT Meeting in Washington, D.C.
110 USDA Rural Development and Rural Water District No. 1, Ellsworth County Enter Into Settlement Agreement
111 Advertisers’ Index
112 Fun & Philosophy

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2 Letters
6 A Slight Change in Course After 37 Years
8 Rate Review Challenges, Electronic CCRs, and More . . .
10 Legally Relevant: Employee Rights and Their Limits
14 KRWA Partnerships Help Communities Stay on Course
18 2014 Annual Conference & Exhibition
42 Anthony Completes Major Water System Improvement
46 Most Cities and RWDs Not Realizing Full Benefits of Their GPS Mapping Projects
50 KAN STEP Project Funds Unique Library and Food Basket in Riley
52 On the Move: Communicating Through Social Media and the Web
56 City of Highland Completes Water System Upgrade
59 USDA Announces Nine Projects to Improve Water Quality in Kansas
60 Water Storage Tanks: Monitoring, Operation and Modifications
66 The Importance of Civil Discourse in Board and Council Meetings
72 Bottled Water vs. Tap Water
74 Challenges of Developing and Implementing Improvement Projects
78 What’s Up With KUUNC?
82 Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor Hard Drive Crash? Communication in 2014
86 Fixing Lander’s Rates
88 The Importance of Monitoring Well Water Levels
90 City of St. John Adds Nitrate Removal Plant
94 Public Wholesale Water Supply District 26 Moves Forward
99 Kansas Dept. of Commerce Announces CDBG Awards
100 Fluoridation: The Facts - Prevention or Poison?
102 Bits and Pieces
103 Advertisers’ Index
104 Fun & Philosophy

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2 Letters
4 The Power of Your Association
8 The Affordable Care Act May Help Smaller Cities and RWDs Provide An Option to Employees for Affordable Health Insurance
10 Legally Relevant: Consolidation and Acquisition of Rural Water Districts
16 KAN STEP Grant Helps Morrowville Improve Its Municipal Water System
20 2014 Annual Conference & Exhibition: What to Look For in 2014
22 Monica Wurtz Joins KRWA Staff
24 Stage 2 Monitoring . . . Absurd? Unnecessary? Illogical? Authoritarian? Or Just a Waste of Money?
28 New Users and Ellis Consolidated RWD 1 Benefit From KAN STEP Project
30 Ill-defined Locate Requests Continue to Frustrate Utilities (and others!)
34 Uranium in City's Water Causes Lakin to Install Treatment Plant
39 Erg, Joules & Such - Notes on Energy Savings for the Rural Water Community and Maybe Others
40 Water System Management: Here’ s a Directive From KRWA - Start Planning!
44 Buhler Modifies Operation of Sewage Treatment Plant Resulting in Improved Effluent Quality and Energy Cost Savings
48 Providing Training Is Central to KRWA’ s Mission
50 Rescue From Elevated Water Storage Tank is a Reminder for Safety and Emergency Training
54 When Having a Great Board of Directors Is Not Enough
58 Need Help Getting Help? "It won’ t let me . . . "
60 Proper Chlorine Monitoring and Testing Essential to Verifying Water Quality
62 City of Haven Spends $4.9 Million on Water System Upgrades
65 Addressing Problems Associated with Municipal Growth into RWD Territory
66 The Top 5 Concerns of Small Systems
68 EPA TMDL Program Not Working In Small and Rural Communities like Marcellus, New York
70 GPS Mapping Is a Process - It Is Not "An Event"
74 It’ s 5 O’ Clock on Main Street
76 KRWA Is a Marketplace - From Funding Options to Board / Council Training
78 Contributors To Short-Circuiting in Wastewater Stabilization Ponds
80 Computer Corner:Snip It! My favorite, Nifty, Windows’ Tool
86 KAN STEP Grant Funds Improvements in Rural Water District No. 12, Montgomery County
88 Rate Design: Attitude Adjustment
90 Can Parasitic Worms Get Into Drinking Water Tanks?
92 Bits & Pieces
95 Advertisers’ Index
96 Fun & Philosophy

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2 Letters
6 There’s No Relief From Dealing With Drought Conditions
10 Washington RWD 1 - First RWD in Kansas to Use Satellite Meter Reading
14 Legally Relevant: Constructing Water and Wastewater Pipelines in Road Rights-of-Way
17 Labette RWD 6 Makes Their Annual Meeting a Social and Learning Event
18 Technological Advances Won’t Change KRWA’s Mission
20 It’s Not All Fluff - Developing a Longer(er) Range Plan Is Just Plain Smart
22 Three Questions for Small Cities and Rural Water Districts, Elected Officials, Managers, Operators, Bookkeepers, City Clerks and Other Citizens
25 Department of Commerce Hosts General Administrators’ Certification
26 Kansas Underground Utility Notification Center Board Presses Forward
30 Computer Corner: Caution! Sometimes Antivirus Software Is the Problem!
34 It’s 8 O’Clock at the City Clerk’s Counter
36 Nitrogen Makes Things Green in Greensburg: Just Keep It Out of the Water Please!
42 EPA’s Guidance Clears Questions on "Reduction of Lead In Drinking Water Act"
44 Kansas Public Water Supply Loan Fund Is One Option for Cities and RWDs
48 Public Wholesale District 5 Doubles Capacity to Meet Consumer Demand
52 Are You Working Too Hard? Here’s an Efficiency Audit for Office Staff
54 Having Problems Getting Bacteriological Water Samples to the KDHE Lab on Time? There Are Options
58 2013 Conference Review - A Recap of Sessions, Award Winners, Exhibits, Guests and Entertainment
61 - Presenters: Key To A Good Conference; Preconference Sessions
63 - Opening Session - Keynote by Kent Rader; Butler Headliners
66 - EXPO Hall Exhibition - Largest in Mid-America
68 - Midway Luau in Kansas! Aloha From KRWA!
70 - Wednesday Luncheon: Matt All Discusses Implementation of the Affordable Care Act
74 - 2013 Award winners
80 - It was "Nunsense" - And the audience Laughed to Tears!
82 - Thursday Luncheon: Doug Anderton says, "Rural Water Makes Living in Rural America Possible"
84 - WaterPAC Raises $7,350; Grand Prize Winners
86 Rural Utilities Partnering in Economic Development
90 Water and Wastewater Line Expansion Policies - An Essential Aspect of Every System
96 Are You Having a Domestic Dispute?
100 Water Rate Design: Adequate, Fair and Appropriately Simple or Complex
102 USDA Rural Development Celebrates Earth Day by Investing $17.7 Million in Nine Kansas Water Quality Projects
104 City of Woodston Makes Major Water Supply Improvements
108 Public Wholesale District No. 18 Completes Makeover of Plant
112 To Manhattan KONZA Rotary Members - Water Matters!
115 Kansas Water System Managers Complete Utility Management Certification
119 Advertisers’ Index
120 Fun & Philosophy




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2 Letters
6 Let’s Pull Together- A Message by KRWA President Sam Atherton
8 "Rural Water" Helped Make 2012 a Positive Year for Water Systems
12 Legally Relevant: Open Records and Open Meetings in the Electronic Age
16 Facts About KDHE Water and Wastewater Certification Programs
18 Ergs, Joules & Such - Notes on Energy Savings for the Rural Water Community and Maybe Others
20 Public Wholesale Water Supply District 18 and Rural Development Prove a Project Can Proceed in Quick Fashion
24 Most Small Public Water Supplies Required to Develop Stage 2 DBPR Compliance Monitoring Plan by October 1, 2013
28 Addressing High Nitrates in an Unconventional, Possibly Better Way
32 City of Bushton Well Constructed at Affordable Cost
34 46th Annual Conference & Exhibition Program - "Let’s Pull Together"
58 Computer Corner: Ready or Not - Windows 8 Is Here
62 Eudora’s Fight for Independence - A Natural Resource Conflict
68 Membership Listing of the Kansas Rural Water Association - 2012
70 "Let’s Pull Together" to Maintain and Sustain Your Water System
72 Changes in Technology Help KRWA Map More, and Better
76 Leavenworth Water Department Utilizes Trenchless Technology for Waterline Replacement
80 Spring Cleaning: "For Your Computer . . . Inside and Out"
84 The Impact of FOG, Otherwise Known as Fat, Oil and Grease
88 When the well nearly runs dry. . . Ongoing Drought Affects Another Small Town in Kansas
92 Get Payback With Adequate and Fair Rates
94 Hiawatha Gets Good Rates
96 180 Kansas Water Systems Receive $7,933,390.83 in Atrazine Settlement Case
98 Bits & Pieces: Former city clerk in prison; Thayer in a pinch . . . and more
104 Fun & Philosophy

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2 Letters
4 Let’s Pull Together
6 Likely Changes in CCR Delivery Methods; No-Lead in Components Reg
10 Legally Relevant: Construction Projects: Bidding and Bonds
14 There’s More to a Rate Review Than Just Increasing Rates
16 Ergs, Joules & Such - Notes on Energy Savings
18 46th Annual Conference & Exhibition: Let’s Pull Together
20 How Rural Water Systems Can Pursue Successful System Expansions
26 Rice RWD 1 Moves Pump Out of Pit
30 Hacktivism, and the Real Risk for Municipalities and Water Districts
32 The Ramifications of Social Media Networking
36 Someone Asks: What’s Going on With Kansas One Call?
40 Hot, Dry Summer Reeks Havoc on Foundations and Walls
44 Milford Gets New Water Supply Source
50 Emergency Response Plans - Essential for Any City or RWD
54 Combined Chlorine: Maintaining Residual in Distribution Systems
58 City of Burr Oak Jump-Starts Source Water Protection Program
62 How to Seal a Leaking Lagoon
66 How to Get a Great Rate Analyst
68 Drought Impacts Water Systems in Kansas
70 Computer Corner: It’s Time to "Take Stock": Looking Forward, Looking Back
74 KAN STEP Continues to Benefit Enterprise
78 The Comparative Value of Water
80 Test Meters Before Jumping to Conclusions About Water Loss
82 Minimum Required Separations of Potable Water and Sewer System Lines
85 USDA Rural Development Financing Assists Kansas Communities
86 Status of Atrazine Settlement
87 Advertisers’ Index
88 Fun & Philosophy

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2 Letters
6 Persistence Makes Things Happen
8 2012 Legislation Affects Water Systems, Water Rights
10 Legally Relevant: Legislative Change Allows Non-landowners to Be RWD Benefit Unit Owners
14 Training and Proper Equipment Help Ensure Worker Safety
16 Ergs, Joules & Such - Notes on Energy Savings
18 Goddard, KS Spending $4 Million to Satisfy Present and Future Water System Demands
22 Household Hazardous Waste Programs Are Making a Difference
28 Prevention is Key to Avoiding Infections and Infectious Disease by Wastewater Utility Personnel
30 Water District Investment in Service and New Members
34 Conference Review 2012 - "Recipe For Success" - Pre-conference, Opening Session, Luncheon Speakers,Exhibitors, Awards and More!
62 Osage County Rural Water District No. 6 Expands System
64 All But Forgotten on Little John Creek . . . The Finale
67 The Inspector Found What?
68 A Return to the Good Old Days - What RWD Boards and City Councils Can Do to Help
72 Setting a Proper Water Rate: Separating Fact from Fiction
76 Computer Corner: It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane? No, It’s "Super Computer!"
80 City of Hiawatha Recognized for Wastewater System Improvements
82 Pay Attention to Sanitary Issues Associated with Storage Tanks
84 Who Will Determine What’s "Affordable" Water?
88 KRWA Encourages Involvement in Kansas One Call
92 Little River Makes Water System Improvements
94 Choosing the Right Liquid Feed Pump
96 Kan Step Remodeling Two 1950’s-era Buildings: Cherryvale and Udall
98 Gasoline in a Sewer System Validates Need for an Emergency Response Plan
102 Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Perception
106 Rechlorination Beneficial to Many Water Systems in Kansas
108 Rate Setting Sessions and KanCap Get New Life
109 South Dakota Company Launches Satellite-based Rural Water Management System with Automatic Meter Reading
111 Advertisers’ Index
112 Fun & Philosophy

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2 Letters
4 RWDs, Cites Send KRWA to Washington with Their Support
6 Setting Rates - It’s More Than Deciding What to Charge
8 Legally Relevant: Dealing with Unemployment Claims
12 "Recipe For Success" Should Include Calculating Water Loss Monthly
16 The City of Everest Takes the Necessary Steps in Nitrate Removal
18 New $17-million Wastewater Plant Completed at Dodge City
24 Be Smart - and Get Smarter; Attend KanCap Training
27 Ergs, Joules & Such - Notes on Energy Savings
28 The Effects of Unbilled Water on Rates
32 2012 Conference & Exhibition: "Recipe For Success"
56 Code for America
58 Hoisington, KS - Gateway to Cheyenne Bottoms - Completes Water Plant Improvements
62 Unique Situation Complicates City of Concordia Water Improvement Project
66 KAN STEP Keeps Helping Communities in Kansas
70 Federal Regulatory Compliance of Outstanding Bond Debt - Be in Compliance
74 Three Common Problems with Boards and Councils and Some Common-Sense Solutions
79 Nineteen Communities, Two Counties Receive CDBG Funding
80 A Little Project Making a Big Impact Improving Water Quality
84 Kansas Water Law Targeted for Change in 2012
90 Understanding Wastewater Permits and Testing Procedures
94 Computer Corner: Archiving Data for $1 Per Year
98 Do Cell Phones with GPS Have Accuracy to Locate Utility Infrastructure?
102 KDHE/KRWA Referral Program Helps Wastewater Systems Improve Effluent Quality and Achieve Compliance
106 Douglas RWD 1 and RWD 5 Sign Agreement for Continued Contract Services
108 Contamination of Water Storage Tanks by Birds too Frequent and Very Dangerous
111 Advertisers’ Index
112 Fun & Philosophy

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2 Letters
4 First Management & Leadership Training is a Success
6 It’s Time to End the Mailing Requirement for the Consumer Confidence Report
8 Legally Relevant: Avoiding Problems in Paying Employees
12 Recipe for Success - 45th Annual Conference & Exhibition, March 27-29, Wichita
14 New Board/Council Members Need Nurturing
18 Operator-In-Training Program Appreciated by New Operators in Kansas
20 KRWA Introduces KRWA E-Train, a New Online Training Program for Cities and RWDs
24 Exercising Waterline Valves is First Step to Rejuvenating Them
26 Regal Training Fills a Need for KRWA Staff
28 Leavenworth Water Department Makes Emergency Response to 2011 Flood
34 Computer Corner: Making Wise Use of Technology; Being Practical About Obsolescence
38 Kansas Water System Contaminated Due to Birds Accessing Storage Tank
42 CRP Still Popular, Enhanced by Voluntary Public Access Program
48 Washington RWD 1 Equips to Provide Future Water Supply Needs
52 Atchison Consolidated RWD 5 Becomes Major Water Supplier
56 "Going Green" in Greensburg
59 KAN STEP Grant Goes to Volunteers in Esbon to Construct a New Fire Station
62 Tuttle Creek Lake WRAPS Receives National Recognition From EPA
65 Want to Improve Your Utility’s Cash Flow? Today’s Banking Technology Can Help
66 How Assistance and Objective Thinking Helped Our RWD Evolve
68 Buhler’s New Plant Addresses Arsenic Removal, Iron and Manganese Too
72 Circus Act: Are You a Juggler or Plate Spinner?
76 "Cloud Computing" May Hold Key for Added Efficiency of GPS Mapping
79 Ergs, Joules & Such - Notes on Energy Savings
80 KRWA Has New Pressure Tank for Water System Use
82 Leak Detection Technologies Used at Bonner Springs to Locate Leaks in Distribution System
86 Purchased Water and Its Un-billed "Additional" Cost
88 Regulatory Reforms Being Requested by Rural Water
90 Bits & Pieces
93 Q & A for Operators
95 Advertisers Index
96 Fun & Philosophy


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2 Letters
4 Do You Know What To Do In An Emergency?
6 Budget Cuts Impact KRWA’s Training Program
8 Legally Relevant: Late Payment, Shut Off and Reconnection Fees
12 The 2010 Census May Require Your Utility To Hit "The Reset Button"
16 Every System Should Develop and Update Its Water Conservation Plan
18 Disasters Will Strike -- Let’s Be Ready to Help Each Other
20 City of Elkhart, KS Water Supply Threatened by Oklahoma Farmer
24 The Best Solution for Meeting New, Proposed Effluent Limits? Stop Discharging!
28 Nortonville Begins Complete Water System Upgrade
30 City of Bentley Develops a New Water Supply
34 Conference Review -- Help Make A Difference
40 44th Annual KRWA Conference Opening Session
42 EXPO Hall -- Largest Show in Mid-America
46 "Our Health Care Quandary", address by Matt All, BCBS of Kansas
52 National Rural Water Association President Joe Liles’ Addresses Thursday Luncheon
58 Award Winners, Employees, Friend of Rural Water, Best Tasting Water
64 Topic Of Wasted Tickets Brings Water Systems and One-Call Together
69 Ergs, Joules & Such: Notes on Energy Savings for the Rural Water Community (and Others)
70 How Much Is Too Much? A Backwards Approach To Implementing Technology
74 Leavenworth Cons. RWD 1 Completes New Storage Tank
76 Burlingame Invests in Their Wastewater System and Becomes Kansas 2011 Earth Day Project
80 Cherryvale, Sterling and Udall Receive KAN STEP Awards to Rehabilitate Community Buildings
84 Combined Chlorine -- Getting the Chlorine and Ammonia Feed Rates Correct
88 Cross Connections Between Potable Water and Sanitary Sewers Need to be Reported Immediately
90 Pottawatomie Rural Water District No. 4 Makes Much-needed Improvements
94 Protecting the Source: It’s Time for YOUR Plan!
97 New Staff Positions at Kansas USDA Rural Development
98 Good Manners for Board/Council Members
102 Phillipsburg Successfully Pigs Transmission Line
104 Computer Corner: Use Common Sense to Keep Your Computer Virus Free
108 Pay Them in Water
112 Annual Funding Workshop Conducted by Kansas Department of Commerce at Lyons
114 GPS Mapping Should Be More Than Just Printing New Maps
116 KRWA Donates $2,500 for Circuit Rider Work in Central America
118 Getting Paid -- Accepting Online Payments May be Getting Easier for Rural Utilities
119 Advertisers’ Index
120 Fun & Philosophy


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2 Letters
4 Long Range Plan Review Highlights Short- And Long-Term Goals
8 A Viewpoint -- 2010 and Beyond
9 Gary Smith Retires From USDA Rural Development
10 Legally Relevant: Foreclosure and Bankruptcy -- Legal Problems for Utility Providers
14 City of Effingham, KS Makes Upgrades to Its Water System
18 Anderson and Pratt County Fire Stations Set KAN STEP Project Model
22 Don’t Be Discouraged -- There’s Help For New Operators
24 GIS Mapping Subsidy Helps 123 Systems Acquire Improved Map Products
27 Rural Water Manager First in Kansas to Achieve Certification in Utility Management
28 Goodland Water System Improvements Include a New Ion-Exchange Nitrate Removal Plant
32 Everything Is Better With Buffers!
34 2011 Conference & Exhibition: Help Make A Difference!
58 Computer Corner: Play It Smart -- Prepare for Intelligent Barcode Requirements
62 Replacement of Raw Water Meters -- Groundwater Well or Surface Intakes
66 Five Things You Should Know About Tax-Exempt Municipal Lease Financing
68 Information Overload -- Drowning in Data
72 Reno Country RWD 3 Replaces Main Transmission Line
75 Fiscal Conservativism Might Benefit Existing Customers, But Longer-Term, There’s a More Chilling Effect
78 KRWA’s 2011 Training Calendar -- An Ongoing Development
81 Ergs, Joules & Such: Notes on Energy Savings
82 Enterprise Makes Improvements to Meet Provisions of Ground Water Rule
88 Frank-Dodd Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act Means No Longer Business as Usual for Kansas Local Units of Government
94 Accurate Water Meters -- Basic to Sound Utility Operation and Accountability
98 Ozark Aquifer Reopening for Appropriation
104 Wastewater Systems Should Not Be "Out of Sight -- Out of Mind"
106 Lawsuits: Are Your Rates Vulnerable?
109 New Water System Has Lecompton, KS Ready for Growth
111 Advertisers’ Index
112 Fun & Philosophy


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2 Letters
6 Are You Moving Forward — or Just Digging in Heels?
8 Greenleaf, Kansas Pitches in to Build New Water System
10 A Practical Guide to Understanding Land Descriptions
14 Preview: 44th Annual Conference & Exhibition, March 29 - 31, 2011
16 Kickapoo Plant Upgrades Address Compliance Issues
20 Wi Fi — Why Fi? The Risk of Using Public Wireless
24 Kansas Water and Wastewater Systems Need Future Managers
26 The Importance of Documenting Line Location Data Related to GPS, Witching and Memory
30 A Sustainable Approach To Potable Water Quality Management
35 USDA Rural Development Community Facilities Programs = Opportunity!!!
36 Disturbing Trends for Small Water Supply Systems
40 City of Riley Makes Improvements to Its Water System
44 Olathe Expands Cedar Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility to Provide Biological Nutrient Removal
48 KAN STEP Projects Dot the Kansas Landscape
52 Clay Center PUC Makes Major Improvements to Water Supply System
56 Clarks Creek Watershed Removed From Impaired Waters Listing
58 Chetopa - Pecan Capital of Kansas Prepares for Installation of a New Wastewater System
62 Summer Has Passed; Are you Ready for Winter?
65 Ergs, Joules & Such; This Issue Discusses Variable Frequency Drives
66 How Will Invasive Zebra Mussels Impact Drinking Water Quality in Kansas Reservoirs?
70 Computer Corner: Like a Boy Scout, Be Prepared
72 Accident Takes Out City of Kanopolis Well House and Equipment
74 Hot Summer Adds to Problems of Loss of Chlorine Residuals
76 Creative Solutions for Water System Management - Can You Play Well with Others?
80 What Should a Rate Study Cost?
86 Can Birds Get Into Your Water Storage Tank?
90 Jefferson RWD 13 Makes Major Improvements
92 Flex Your Water Right Muscles With a Flex Account Term Permit
95 Arbitrator Gives Initial Win for Kansas in Republican River Dispute
96 Calculating Performance of Lift Stations is Important
98 Power Up, When Necessary; Selecting the Right Generator
101 Bits & Pieces - News Across Kansas
103 Advertisers Index
104 Fun & Philosophy


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2 Letters
6 People Are the Key to Delivering on KRWA’s Mission
8 KDHE Providing Funding for New Tech Assistance Program for Wastewater Systems
10 Legally Relevant: Attorney Gary Hanson Discusses Recent Territorial Legislation
14 Source Water Protection, Syracuse, Kansas Style
16 Brownfield Redevelopment, Another Source Water Protection Tool
20 Ugrade! Mapping and Sharing Is Easier with ESRI’s Arc10
24 Determining and Managing Water Loss Requires Attention to Detail
28 RAMCAP - A New Acronym for Water and Wastewater Utilities
30 The Importance of Developing an Asset Management Plan for Your Water or Wastewater Facility
34 2010 Conference Review ...
40 Opening Session, Exhibitors
44 Carnival Nite 2010
46 Luncheon Speakers, Awards, Prizes, and more!
55 City of Onaga Named Most Improved Water System in Kansas
58 Olathe Wins Best Tasting Water Contest
62 Dealing with Lagoon Turnovers and Associated Problems
66 Computer Corner: Calculating Water Loss Doesn’t Have to be a Mystery
68 GPS Mapping is a Process and Not an Event
72 KAN CAP - It Really Is YOUR Business . . .
74 Seneca Completes Water System Improvements
76 Increases in the Cost of Drinking Water Raise Questions of Affordability
80 Beyond the Binge of the Debt-Fueled Bender
82 Activated Sludge: Basic Operations and Troubleshooting
85 Ergs, Joules & Such - Notes on Energy Savings
86 KAN STEP Helping Rebuild Rural Communities in Kansas
90 It’s About Time . . . KRWA Offers Web Site Help for RWDs and Cities
94 After 54 Years, Linn RWD 1 Adds Significant Storage Capacity
98 Determining Financial Integrity - Part of Ongoing Loan Reviews
103 To Sell or Not to Sell - That is the Question?
108 Inexpensive Control Update Provides Big Improvement for Small Kansas Town
111 "Fussing and Fighting in the Same Sandbox" or "Working Together for the Community?"
115 Helping KRWA Maintain Accurate Contacts
117 Shawnee Cons. RWD 4 Dedicates New Treatment Plant
119 Advertisers Index
120 Fun & Philosophy


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2 Letters
4 Communication Versus Confrontation - Together, We Thrive!
6 Looking Back, Looking Ahead
10 Legally Relevant: Boards, Councils, Meetings and Voting - Chairmen and Mayors Should Not Be Caught by Surprise
14 Small Systems Facing Higher Costs of Providing Water - and the Customers Have Little Choice But to Pay
18 Taking Some of the Guesswork Out of Water Loss
21 Ergs, Joules & Such
22 Westmoreland Makes Improvements to Water and Wastewater Systems
26 Refinancing: Do You Feel Lucky?
30 Computer Corner: Increase Efficiency, But Always Work With a Safety Net
34 2010 Conference & Exhibition, March 30 - April 1
58 Some Small Rural Communities Facing Big Problems
60 CUPSS Can Help and, It's FREE!
64 Governmental Entity Federal Employment Tax Responsibilities
68 How to Deal With the Single Most Critical Resource Any Rural Utility Has - PEOPLE
72 City of Udall Uses Good Public Relations in Support of Water System Improvement Projects
76 Troy Takes On What Seemed an Insurmountable Project
80 What Is a Sewer Use Ordinance?
83 Kansas Public Water Supply Loan Fund utilizing AARA money
84 BIGGER Isn't Always Better; Composing & Resizing Photos for the Web
88 A Geographic Information System Allows Unending Use of Information
92 Smoke Testing - The First Step to Correcting I & I Problems
96 Dredging: Kansas Takes First Step to Reclaim Reservoirs
100 Failure of the Main Valve at the Tank Means Big Time Trouble
104 All But Forgotten on the Little John Creek
108 A Successful Water System Requires Good Planning and Management
110 KAN STEP Announces New Projects
113 Water Systems Recognized by KDHE
114 Bits & Pieces
120 Fun & Philosophy


2 Letters
6 Reservoir’s future depends on todays actions
8 Kansas Water Office contract does not leave any system in the middle of nowhere
12 Legally Relevant: Water supply contracts (Part III)
16 KRWA Mapping efficiently helps support Kansas systems technical issues
20 Cryptosporidium in source water? Or, just more monitoring?
24 Atchison Cons. RWD 5 typical of systems trying to maintain adequate chlorine residuals
26 Together We Thrive! Preview of the 43rd Annual Conference & Exhibition, March 30 - April 1, Wichita
28 An old well gets new life in small northeast Kansas town
30 Horton Community Center KAN STEP project overcomes numerous hurdles
35 Alan Soetaert appointed to fill KRWA board vacancy
36 Benefits of sanitary sewer line cleaning - and avoiding lawsuits go hand in hand
40 Public Wholesale District 20 making improvements as indirect result of ARRA funds
42 Budget$, revenue$, taxe$, deficit$, debt - and credit rating$
48 Computer Corner: Its here - the long-awaited Windows 7
52 Being a part instead of apart ... effective communication solutions based in cyberspace
58 Communication is essential to ensure proper insurance coverage is in place
61 Agriculture Secretary Vilsack announces $17.4 million loan for Greensburg
62 Republican River Rumblings - the continuing on debate supply and demand
68 City of Hutchinson completes new reverse osmosis treatment plant
72 Well maintenance cleans up problem for Miltonvale
75 Katie Miller joins Kansas Rural Water Association as Source Water Protection Specialist
76 The new Ground Water Rule - Part II
82 Stimulus or not, many communities are making improvements
86 Lets talk $$$ -- USDA funding helping many communities
89 Kansas Rural Water welcomes Tony Kimmi as a new staff member
90 USDA Rural Development funds additional projects; funding in FY 09 totals $58 million
92 People disaster planning is more difficult and just as important as natural disaster planning
98 Twin Lakes Water Festival draws more than 1,100 students
100 VFDs saving labor and equipment in Cherokee RWD 1
102 KRWA training: Together We Thrive!
104 Efficient data collection requires systems to be prepared
106 City of Inman makes water system improvements
109 Budget reductions prompt cuts in water rights conservation program
111 Advertisers Index
112 Fun & Philosophy

2 Letters
6 Pigs and people -- and a flu pandemic
10 Legislative Session ends; "service area" issue also vetoed
12 Water service territories: recent court decisions answer important questions
16 The new Ground Water Rule -- Part 1
20 Cities, county, non-profit pool resources for utility data
24 Miltonvale KAN STEP project demonstrates volunteerism at its best
26 Adding users enhances sustainability of rural water districts
30 Financial checkup for small business -- and cities and rural water districts too
32 Annual Conference Review
36 Lets Make A Deal!
38 EXPO Hall Doors Open
40 Wednesday Luncheon
46 Award Winners
58 City of Chase gets a new distribution system
60 Sanitary sewer bypasses really create a stink
64 Shawnee Cons. RWD 4 has new plant under construction
66 Territorial Agreements -- No, let's call them "Joint Service Agreements"
72 Douglas County RWD 4 wins lawsuit against city of Eudora
73 KRWA welcomes new staff members, Greg Metz and Rita Clary
74 Small Kansas town - big water loss problem
80 Every drop counts - reaching water conservation goals
84 Are we getting along or just getting by?
86 Meter register: singles, tens, hundreds or thousands
88 Wholesale District 12 prepared for possible electrical power outages
92 The SRF funding sequence
96 Combined chlorine residual loss -- determine the start and extent
98 Changes in operations, finances require system assessments
100 Cooperation between entities -- a Kansas rural water district's perspective
104 Water loss: what is it and where does it go?
107 Paola, Louisburg completing new treatment facility
108 Recommendations to help maintain good water quality in distribution systems
112 The future of KRWA Mapping -- more than just data collection
114 Fire hydrant flow testing and flushing -- mutual partners
116 Water, wastewater system funding gets big boost through Recovery Act
124 Fun & Philosophy

2 Letters
6 Legislature likely to hear Bills to prohibit use of eminent domain toobtain water rights and allow citizens' vote on annexation
8 Looking forward to 2009: Helping Today For a Better Tomorrow
10 Legally Relevant: Water Supply Contracts Part II
14 Since 2002, KRWA has GPS mapped 55 RWDs and 28 cities
18 KRWA Training: Helping Today For a Better Tomorrow
22 Feed your Need To Read - an explanation of RSS
26 Reducing high unaccounted for water loss - an ongoing effort
28 Maintaining combined chlorine residuals is often a challenge
30 Kansas, Nebraska further debate Republican River ruling
32 Scammon works to complete a new well
34 2009 Conference & Exhibition -March 24-26
58 Coagulants 101: The use of coagulants in clarification plants
62 Engineering Contracts 101 -a crash course in contracts
68 Cities, RWDs might be looking at a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity -thanks to the "Bailout"
70 Not addressing collection system problems perhaps costly for city of Emmett
74 Computer Corner: Dealing with deposits
76 Responsibility requires due diligence and some empathy
78 Four years of work brings Arlington, Kansas a new water source
84 Weather conditions often challenge KAN STEP projects
86 Before saying "yes" to new industry, small towns need to evaluate effects on utility services
90 Better safe than sorry! Local units of government should not be gamblers with investments
94 Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP)
97 Kansas Capacity Development Achievement Awards
98 New standards for arsenic and uranium impact water systems
102 Small system challenges: low supply capacity an aging infrastructure has Damar, KS facing improvements
104 Bits & Pieces
111 Advertisers Index
112 Fun & Philosophy

2 Letters
4 State Water Plan funding issues likely to be considered in 2009
8 Helping systems get adequate rates
12 42nd Annual Conference and Exhibition
14 USDA loan graduation review - what’s supposed to vs. what really happens
18 Charges for water continue to increase
21 Jeff Lamfers, formerly with KDHE, joins KRWA staff
22 Belpre constructs new ion-exchange nitrate removal plant
26 Topeka Air Industrial Park shows innovation in tank renovation
30 City of Ashland pigs sanitary force main
34 Zebra mussels invade Kansas (spread the message - not the mussels)
38 Technologies help detect unaccounted for water loss
42 Legally Relevant - Water supply contracts (Part I)
46 KanCap board training - playing soon in a system near you
50 Ready or not - problems are likely coming to a water system near you
54 New uses for GPS data help cities/RWDs be more efficient
58 Three more KAN STEP projects funded by Kansas Commerce
62 Using a firewall: closing the front door to the computer
66 The bond (credit) markets - a good time to borrow
70 Computer Corner - Board and council members' responsibilities concerning utility billing and accounting
74 Potholing water lines - locating utilities safely
78 New iron, manganese removal water plant online at Ellis
82 Upgrade options do not mean an entirely new system
84 Operators In Training - all across Kansas
88 Is it time to CHECK-UP the system’s water rates?
90 Helping new system operators is rewarding work
92 Kansas Water Plan, Clean Drinking Water Fee provide help to 406 systems in FY08
96 KSMAP - Kansas Mutual Aid Program accepting members
99 New subsidy program helps with small system GIS mapping
100 Bits & Pieces
104 Fun & Philosophy

2 Letters
6 Be involved, stay involved - legislative issues have impact
10 Mandatory participation in One Call effective July 1, 2009
14 Making a difference by being involved: U.S. Rep. Todd Tiahrt
18 Application assistance for Kansas Public Water Supply Loan Fund
22 Asset Management Do's and Don'ts
24 Computer Corner: Merle and Linda Windler, computer Q & A
28 Leak detection - rewarding but can be very contentious
32 There is no "I" in Teamwork! Introducing Eric Davolt to KRWA
34 Summer challenge for chlorine residuals: concentrate on tanks
38 New KRWA mobile lab and training trailer makes debut
42 Legally Relevant - Use of eminent domain in Kansas: potential issues for RWDs and their customers
46 Russell completes new electrodialysis reversal water plant
50 Annual Conference review - The conference theme came to life!
66 Jefferson County demonstrates cooperation in GPS mapping/GIS
70 Enterprise conducts "alternative" mapping
74 WRAPS - a strategy, not a sandwich
78 Kansas’ oldest city getting new water mains
82 Benefits of smoke testing collection systems realized
86 Is it a storage tank - or is it a storage platform?
90 A special 3,629 people help keep water and wastewater systems on track
94 Is a merger or consolidation in your system’s future?
98 Paola, Miami RWD 2 territorial agreement - process for the future
104 Two KAN STEP projects beat increased steel costs
108 Nickerson gets a new water supply
110 eCycling: turning cache into cash
114 Bourbon Cons. RWD 2 installs new glass-coated tank and supply line
116 Bits & Pieces
120 Fun & Philosophy

2 Letters
6 Rural water/municipal planning - a strategy for success? 2008 Conference: training, technology, fellowship, teamwork
8 2008 Conference: training, technology, fellowship, teamwork
12 $1.4 million upgrade helps Cherokee RWD 3 meet demands
16 Making changes for over 30 years, Butler RWD 3, ‘76 -‘08
20 Kansas mutual aid and emergency response = teamwork
24 City of Atchison addressing combined sewer overflows
28 St. Francis KAN STEP - working in the extreme!
32 New database program is takeoff from tried and proven program
34 Is now a good time to refinance debt?
38 Why update the browser?
42 Legally Relevant - Unpaid water bills and the sale of land: potential issues for RWDs and their customers
46 Weaving the wireless Web: leasing property for cell phone equipment
50 Rechlorination of combined chlorine water: a case study
54 Options for heating during prolonged power outages
58 Guard against becoming a victim of fraud
60 2008 Conference and Exhibition program
84 Computer Corner: Merle and Linda Windler, computer Q & A
86 Disasters in Kansas during ‘07 get water users a boiling!
90 KAN STEP water system success grows for communities and RWDs
94 Florence and Rock Springs Center - two groundwater systems required to meet surface water requirements
98 Producers are making a difference in the Cheney Lake Watershed
102 De Soto attacks water loss with a reduction of nearly 350-gpm
106 Are you ready for the next big storm or emergency?
110 GPS mapping beats the old drawing board days!
114 A homemade display just might save the day!
118 Bits & Pieces
128 Fun & Philosophy

2 Letters
6 Who moved my cheese?
8 Becoming more prepared for utility locates and better operations
12 Kansans sample steams - part of worldwide monitoring
16 Sandpits and public water supply wells
20 Computer Corner- Merle and Linda Windler, computer Q & A
24 Jefferson County proposes online GPS map hosting and sharing
28 Keeping up with new regs- Marion makes water treatment plant improvements
32 Minimum charge concept for water and wastewater systems
38 Oswego shows the 'Kan do' spirit with improvement projects
42 Enterprise KAN STEP project is a triple treat for the city
46 Legally Relevant: Damage to pipelines located in easements
50 Largest pipeline in U.S. crosses northeast Kansas
54 Bottle of water or billion dollar bully?
58 Water system privatization -- partnering or profiteering?
60 Buying and selling equipment on eBay
64 Kansas' oldest lagoon system functioning just fine
68 Operators 'need to know' - maintenance issues up front
72 Ice storms, tornadoes and floods: responding to emergencies
76 Conference outlook for 2008 - There is no I in teamwork!
78 Upcoming requirements for systems serving 10,000 or less
82 Kansas Water Plan funding: assistance of the highest order
90 Helping Camp Lakeside with water quality issues - what a great summer experience
94 Finding water loss requires planning and assistance
98 Baxter Springs continues to seek the cause of water loss
100 The Subprime Mortgage Crisis - a fine mess with lessons to be learned
106 Flow control valves eliminate manual monitoring for proper water treatment
108 Mercury legislation has an impact on mercury switch usage
109 Chautauqua RWD 4 funded northern portion will be next phase
110 Bits & Pieces
116 Fun & Philosophy


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2 Letters
6 KRWA pledges continuance of service
8 One Call legislation debated, but not passed
12 KAN STEP 2.0 -- program growth bringing changes
16 Introducing County RWD maps
20 Avoiding Humpty Dumpty approach to data backup
24 Alternatives to litigation in territorial disputes
28 Evaluating treatment chemical costs
32 Busy spring for KRWA Mapping
34 Firefighting in hometown demonstrates water use
36 Flushing and pigging: basic waterline maintenance
40 Greensburg has lesson for emergency response planning
44 Kansas Rural Water continues fund for Greensburg
46 Legally Relevant: Damage to pipelines located in easements
50 Will you get your share of up to $82 million?
52 Annual Conference Review -- emphasizing “You Are KRWA”
64 Award Winners for 2006, You are KRWA -- best by far
70 City of Gardner wins 2007 Kansas Taste Test
72 How does sharing GIS data benefit a neighbor?
78 Montgomery RWD 11 addresses loss of chlorine residual
82 100 years of hauling water about to come to an end
85 David Pope leaves Water Resources
86 Procuring professional services for your city or RWD
90 Public wholesale water supply districts in Kansas
94 EPA to require monitoring for unregulated contaminants
96 Operational review identifies wastewater system problems
98 Commerce announces six new KAN STEP projects for 2007
100 Chlorine -- public health protection No. 1
104 Minneapolis constructs iron and manganese removal plant
108 Emergency assistance, operator training program helps systems
110 KDHE announces Capacity Development Award winners
112 Summertime tune-up for valves and hydrants
114 KRWA participates in National Rural Water Rally in Washington
116 Fun & Philosophy




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2 Letters
6 Governing bodies: being responsible is job one!
10 You are KRWA – recapping 40 years of service
20 The language of Internet danger
24 Collection of monetary damage and other relief in territorial dispute cases
28 Getting started with 2008 funding options
32 Herington makes improvements to public water supply
36 Abilene constructing new SBR technology wastewater plant
40 Fire protection requires a strong silent partner
44 Lucas’ community theater takes another step – KAN STEP
48 There is a special art to being a community
52 Legally Relevant: Gary Hanson discusses annexation issues
56 How to get good rates (and not get beat up)
60 KRWA Conference & Exhibition Program
84 Necessity sometimes dictates best protection regulations
88 Water/wastewater emergency response network survey
92 Water operators develop new tools to improve their work
96 Detecting taste and odor events in Kansas reservoirs
100 Master meter accuracy: essential to efficient operations
104 2007 Conference to address IDSE requirements & chlorine residuals
108 GIS software: a true test of patience and pocketbook
112 Valley Falls plant improvements to meet regs and add capacity
116 Talk about change – or else!
120 Bentley tower maintenance is routine with a twist
124 System maps critical – for a growing RWD or city
126 Pigging project improves chlorine residuals
130 Bits & Pieces: Kansas Water Office is looking for volunteer Basin Advisory Committee members
132 Fun & Philosophy





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2 Letters
4 KRWA Annual Conference - It's the 40th Annual!
6 Water affordability regulations hit small systems hard
10 Kansas Water Plan provides funds that help systems
16 Spyware: protecting yourself from the Cyber Peeping Tom
18 What USDA could do to help resolve 1926(b) cases
- The Solution, Part II
24 The DOW at 12,000 - does it really matter?
30 South Central Kansas Water Coalition progresses
34 Water well drawdown impacted by drought and other issues
38 Advances in technology help reduce water loss
42 Corrosion threatens water heaters - can cause rusty and smelly water
44 A data logger, software and a printer - sounds simple enough!
48 Chlorine residual maintenance: concern for subsequent systems
52 Cleaning wastewater force mains
56 KRWA to establish emergency response network: KWERN
60 Is board/council micro-management an issue in your system?
64 Kansas reservoirs, designed for the future
68 Legally Relevant: Gary Hanson discusses annexation issues
72 Small town life fits working at KRWA
74 Hillsboro makes water treatment plant improvements
80 Tri-State Water Resources Coalition to secure area water
84 Harvey RWD 1 adds customers and develops new water source
88 Operator certification requirements for public water systems
90 Programmable Logic Controller use simplifies system control
92 Butler, Greenwood RWDs hold dinner meeting in El Dorado
94 New KAN STEP projects at Uniontown and Westmoreland
98 Sanitary surveys required of more systems under new regs
102 Bits & Pieces: EPA's new Ground Water Rule reviewed
108 Fun & Philosophy





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2 Letters
8 Conservation begins at home - that is, with your city or RWD
12 Water systems fare well with 2006 legislative issues
16 Financial reviews save systems from potential financial pitfalls
20 Why the USDA will not help water districts with 1926(b) cases
24 Abilene's reverse osmosis water plant seven years later
28 Practice safe handling, operation for all forms of chlorine
32 Scared for life: Treece, Kan. seeks buyout, closing of town
36 Lax tank maintenance increases ownership costs
40 Hartford completes new KAN STEP community center
44 Computer troubles. Repair, upgrade - what to do?
48 Required IDSE: compliance getting even more complicated
52 Pleasanton water plant gets more than a new face
56 CoCoRaHS: a backyard measuring and reporting system
60 Trees: directions, multi-purpose, protection
64 Legally Relevant
66 KanCap - the next steps for board/council training
70 Conference 2006: At your service - it's automatic!
88 Conference 2006: Award winners
98 Franklin Co. RWD 6 upgrades contact basin
102 Maps that lie - and not worth the paper they're printed on
106 Witching - a confounding subject much deeper than most
110 Water or wastewater rate reviews - long overdue in most cases
114 Lift stations - the "other" pumps, require regular maintenance
117 Bits & Pieces
120 Fun & Philosophy









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2 Letters
4 Support, leadership and involvement make KRWA
8 KanCap, new resource for systems; staff changes at KRWA
12 Invest what you can - borrow what you have to
16 Strategic planning: what is it?
19 USDA Press Release: A good partnership recognized
20 The other shoe will always drop - so be ready!
22 East-west road project goes south
26 Where will you be when the lights go out?
30 A watershed in my back yard
32 KRWA helps Kansans as never before
34 Maintaining chlorine residuals in consecutive systems; is rechlorination needed?
38 Extreme weather demonstrates need for groundwater protection
42 Environmental Working Group blames EPA for standards neglect
48 Blowing green into Kansas
54 2006 KRWA Conference and Exhibition Program
78 Choosing the right funding option impacts project costs
82 Turbidity removal and compliance: a challenge for plants in Kansas
86 Geary County Rural Water District 4 gets the red out!
90 Annual water/wastewater policy review is needed
94 They came, they saw, they learned (they even laughed)
96 Longford water: better by the bottle
100 Fasteners: holding communities in Kansas together
104 Water protection a priority for Lyons, Kansas
108 adds online directory of city/RWD contacts
109 The Water Board Bible
110 Program helps struggling farmers find other income
113 Bits & Pieces
116 Fun & Philosophy

November 2005 Issue

KRWA and the Legislature
Water and wastewater system planning needs
Upcoming workshops deal with water dispute resolution
Herbicide over-spray complicates routine project
Water infrastructure trickles down to economics
Backflow protection: how well is your water system protected?
Eminent Domain is in the news - what does it mean to you?
Council Grove water plant upgrades make ozone primary disinfectant
Maintenance: do it or risk losing your facilities
When are 7 U.S.C.A. 1926(b) cases justified?
The TOC removal requirement: is it necessary?
Monitoring, costs for cities and RWDs purchasing water may jump
Developers - coming your way fast!
Public Wholesale Water District No. 13 - a dream realized
Morrill community pulls together on KAN STEP
No more city, county sales taxes on residential non-commercial and agricultural water purchases in 2006
The Money Line
Data back-up - to avoid a data loss disaster
New Tools available for Source Water Protection
Power & water - a hundred year story
Education plays its role in water protection
Winfield upgrades water treatment plant
Planning for customers - past, present and future
Save that well before it collapses
Agra installs new water system with help from KAN STEP
Wellhead protection: local people finding local solutions
Employees and decision-makers - partners for the common good
KRWA membership roster
Bits & Pieces
Fun & Philosophy

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July 2005 Issue

Legislative agendas: easier said than done
Addressing challenges, finding solutions
Impact of compliance costs set at $61 million for Kansas systems
Legislative letters support Kansas water
Biofilms in systems with combined chlorine
Nonpoint source pollution. How can one help?
What you never learned about hiring an engineer or negotiating an engineering contract
Peristaltic pumps deliver with reliability
Wilsey, city and trailhead with a future
Measuring up: KRWA helps with first steps to building success
Sustaining Kansas communities: RWDs construct new facilities
Washington KAN STEP: fire and EMS facility is now in service
Training: a transfer of information - or can you see what's being said?
Osage City: years ahead in meeting DBPR requirements
As advertised - and more! Conference 2005
Carbondale comeback: water treatment plant under control
Other utilities push economic development - should water systems do the same?
Delbert "Bert" Zerr joins the KRWA team
Reducing algae growth in wastewater treatment
Overtime: pay now or PAY later
KRWA helps Camp Kanza Boy Scouts provide clean safe water
New state-of-the-art water plant goes online for the city of Iola
Water supply problems challenge extreme southeast Kansas
Impending EPA Ground Water Rule implementation
Dogs 'N Roses

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March 2005 Issue

Ice storm teaches lessons, cooperation
Water Plan initiatives advanced by Kansas Water Authority
Out with the liars and the cheats
Lead levels misrepresented in U.S. cities
Wastewater worker hazard protection
Some perspectives on 1926(b) cases
It's not KRWA: It's YOU!
Bottled water all set to help, not hurt, tap water purveyors
Antennae mania
Larned Water - capacity and infrastructure enhancement
Flow meters to determine wells' impact on Solomon drainage
The digital ortho aerial photo - cornerstone of GIS/GPS mapping
KRWA's 2005 Conference & Exhibition: Quality Water - Sustaining Kansas Communities
Kansas Water Plan pays for assistance to reduce high water loss
Data loggers are efficient troubleshooting tools
Disinfectants and Disinfection By-Products ...the suspicions, the truth and the solutions
Concrete countertops? Try this for creative expression
Water loss means wasted resource, expenses and lost revenue
Continuous chlorine monitoring helps systems ensure quality
Small systems impacted by new drinking water regulations
Cooperation - key to regional system development
Working to make KAN STEP work for you
Source Water Protection requires teamwork

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December 2004 Issue

KRWA helps ensure your community's future
Sustaining communities is KRWA's dedication
Financial decisions today key to future Water Plan success
KRWA receives Magazine of the Year Award
New staff members join the ranks of KRWA
FLSA: Impact for systems and organizations alike
KRWA expands mapping and technical support services
GPS mapping - moving systems into the digital era
Sanitary surveys illustrate a water system's deficiencies
KDHE Bureau of Water adopts new regulations
New landmark on Marion County horizon
Emergency assistance, new operator training goes to work
What do you call an emergency?
Grassland Reserve Program - water security for the future
Source water protection is paramount to any system
KRWA Annual Conference 2005
more online...
Losing your operator? Challenge or crisis?
Marion County water project thirsts for funding
Chlorine and ammonia reactions: maintain the correct ratio
Wastewater systems need regular maintenance
Job partners: awareness and safety
Ten ways to increase security for under $10
Issuance of new Kansas sales tax exemption certificates
Looking for solutions? Get involved!
RUS withdraws grant program for private water wells
New rules, new regulations, new technologies
Eudora's wastewater plant now conserving potable water use
In celebration of and education about the gift of water
Corning works as one
Tank inspection means more than looking at paint
Don't judge phosphates on costs alone
Well clean-up helps Gypsum produce better water

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July 2004 Issue

"KanDo" attitude sets KRWA apart
Legislature passes provision for cities, RWDs to pay Fee vs. tax
KRWA announces two new programs; staff changes
KRWA will work to do more, not less
Regional solutions for regional needs
Mapping: The first step to the digital era
KDHE sponsors new emergency assistance, operator training
Trials and tribulations of Rawlins County: McDonald's involvement
McPherson BPU's plans pay off
Source water protection is paramount for any system
Sabetha honors; dedicates Veterans' Memorial
Good water and sound operations essential to system's health
Conference Roundup, 2004
Meet the Award Winners!
Exhibitors & Speakers
Prize Winners
Hotels for 2005
Follow thru = goal achieved
Kansas Ag Department receives EPA award
Safety first - it's a must
Containment systems help ensure chlorine capture
H.S.A.? Who's eligible for a health savings account?
Regulatory news from Washington
Rules, regulations and recordkeeping
Water loss problems? Let's check those master meters
LT1ESWTR: New reg will test operators' skills

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March 2004 Issue

KRWA works to be relevant and dynamic
Legislative update: bills of interest to water systems
KRWA announces changes in staff
KRWA works to help others help themselves
It ain't easy being Kansas - but it's better than the alterative
Careful listening vs. fast-food society
New GPS-GIS training coming
Fire hydrants on rural water districts: risky venture or benefit
Rate increase by Topeka draws ire of RWD purchasers
Retaining walls add function and character to projects
Proposed development seen as threat to water quality
Asset Management and Strategic Planning: good partners for your system's future
Public partnership proves successful
Do you have demons in your water well
Selecting backflow prevention hardware
"Quality That Kansans Count On!" - 2004 Conference : see the conference on this site
Scada upgrade pumps more water for less money
Timely repairs saves wastewater stabilization ponds
Expensive upgrades driven by new regulations: just how much is $33.7 million?
From water to prison - and back in water
Correct installation of meters is critical to accuracy
Seneca makes improvements to wastewater system
Stage 1 Disinfectants and Disinfection Byproducts Rule, monitoring and reporting issues
Is your water system - or its management - up for sale?
Howard, KS: population 800, rebuilds its sewer system

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November 2003 Issue

Easements: Not easy anymore!
80 foot fall kills water tower worker in Columbus, KS
Partners leave no system behind!
Board training, sure -- but board certification?
"Quik Theory" helps determine meter accuracy
Enterprise makes KAN STEP work
Communication: Important tool needed for construction
Vulnerability assessments: Required of some, helpful for all
Wellhead protection: Merely a written plan - or a plan they're writing home about?
Drought + broken service line = emergency
Water tower dedicated to Butler RWD 8 operator
Announcing KRWA's 2004 Conference & Exhibition
A GPS primer - the basics
High resolution photography - benefits and costs
Remapping of RWDs ongoing
Small town of Clyde makes big stride
Testing meters - and what you lose by not doing it
Interest rates: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Improving water well operations begins with drillers' logs
Chlorine dioxide: Pros and cons in Kansas
Annexation vs. encroachment

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July 2003 Issue

KRWA participates in Rural Water Rally
Improving management for better drinking water
Safe water provides opportunities otherwise unavailable
Lawsuits center on the question: Just what is a Kansas stream?
13+ Kansas water systems impacted by nitrates
Atchison RWD 4 locates water loss contributors
Use of innovative materials helps KAN STEP projects
Operator training and training preferences
Oil and water don't mix
Cleaned wells and pipes improve water quality at Burdett
GPS Mapping: methods used by KRWA
Public Wholesale 4 wins Great American Water Taste Test
Crowds make 2003 Conference a success; meet award winners (in pdf format; may take a few minutes to load)
Read all about the 2003 Conference (html format; just link page by page)
Awards and winners named at 2003 Conference
Are you ready for CMOM?
Gov. Sebelius appoints Joe Harkins interim director of the Kansas Water Office
Bubble-up or wake-up? How would you like your meters?
Radio-read meters: One Kansas water district's experience
Dripping hydrants and other surprises
Controlling taste and odor at surface water treatment plants
Enhance your quality of life
Dissolved oxygen technology
Filtration alternatives and water treatment for small systems
A review of backflow and cross connection control

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March 2003 Issue

County-wide dinner meetings big hit with RWDs
Communication is key to timely project development
Computers help even the smallest water utilities
Design-build is new and different, but it works
A suggestion for Medicaid reform
Capital Improvement Plans - essential tools for success
Scorecard on water conservation efforts
KAN STEP: A concrete solution to community needs
Practical training covers high and low tech needs
Plumbing Code, water distribution and sewer systems
Groundwater Management Districts propose regulations
Simple fix solves dirty water problem for Bentley
KRWA's Annual Conference & Exhibition (in pdf format; may take a few minutes to load)
Big Dividends for solar-powered equipment in wastewater treatment
Water level drops in drought area
Surface water systems prepare for Disinfection By-Products Rule
$2.9 million upgrade completed at Baxter Springs
Waldo finishes fire station addition
Farm rules don't protect groundwater
Ellsworth completes $2.6 million plant upgrade
Working together, getting results

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November 2002 Issue

Is a telecommunication antenna right for your storage tank?
Threat to water system raises question: Who's in charge?
Communication is first step to cooperation
The LMI Survey -- all important tool for CDBG programs
ASWAT released for Source Water Assessments
Water: In the News!
Tuttle Creek Dam "upgrade" update
So what's a Status Quo?
Part II: How do we protect our water systems?
New regs pose major hurdles for small surface water plants
New energy generation from Kansas' wind
Mosquitoes, your system and the West Nile Virus
Maytag says "Thank You" to Bern and Nemaha RWD 1
Long Term Care vs. Acute Medical Care
Kansas Rural Development announces projects
Innovation solves selenium issue for Glade
Historically low interest rates bring good and bad
Dennis Schwartz ends term as NRWA President
City of Nickerson improves water system
Capacity Development: developing more than just capacity
Lessons Learned
Bits & Pieces
Water treatment plant maintenance begins with housekeeping
Water system service territory dispute continues

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July 2002 Issue

Your Association is only a phone call away
Accomplishments in 2001: sales tax and mapping
Air stripper improves water quality in Washington, KS
KAN STEP: Community Self-Help
Information is only valuable if used
Hoisington, KS - one year later
Do you know the major threats to your drinking water quality?
Groundwater pollution serious, but the state's working on it (PDF format)
Conference Roundup: Breaking records yet again (PDF format)
Meet the Award Winners, Conference 2002 (PDF format)
Emporia's water: one of the Nation's best!
2002 Kansas ice storm found systems unprepared
Tuttle Creek Dam and the Big One . Earthquake that is
Filter maintenance essential to meet new SDWA regs
KRWA mapping program moves forward
T. J. Dickerson passes away
Backflow prevention? What is that?
Getting your city or RWD in good financial shape
How do we protect our water systems?
Board/Council Member Do's and Do Not's
Tower controls pay off

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March 2002 Issue

Finding and keeping good board members
People Make the Difference
Territorial disputes often over power, money or influence -- not just water
$640,000 question: replace or repair the collection system?
Kansas Water Assurance Districts: What are they?
Customers rebuild waste system in Ellis RWD 2
New emphasis by KRWA for on-site help for boards/councils
Chlorine residual assures quality, fulfills required regs
KDHE's Source Water Assessment Program - Prelude to Wellhead Protection
Water loss = money lost
Shut off policies and procedures: Do yours need an overhaul?
Example Policy for discontinuance of service for a RWD . . .
Example ordinance for discontinuance of service for a city
Notice for Discontinuance of Service - Municipal or RWD
Politicians should not make technical decisions
Peabody gets new water supply from Hillsboro
Emergency water supply plan is a must
When people "work" - it makes a difference
KRWA announces 2 new staff members for mapping program

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November 2001 Issue

Are you a LEADER?
People do make the difference
Agreement unexpectedly causes headaches for RWD
Meet KRWA's new Source Water Tech
Thermal expansion can be deadly
Council Grove: high quality water in the Flint Hills
Nemaha RWD 1 completed Kan Step project
Stockton dedicates new $2.8 million plant
Preventing terrorism: every utility's new frontier
City of Horton develops new well field
Wastewater reuse saves $$ for Kansas communities
Accurate meters are an investment, not an expense
Murphy's Law vs. backflow prevention
New GPS mapping program in development
Kan Step works - I'm excited to help
Balancing dollars vs. dependable supply: PWWSD 18's solution
Affordability of arsenic, other water regs starts debate
Awareness and Vigilance: Rural and Small System Threat Readiness and Response
What is GASB-34 -- and why should you care?

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July 2001 Issue

Will you, or won't you, make the difference
Sales tax exemption signed
Hot weather brings water quality concerns
Does the new water banking bill mean Kansas can stop worrying about aridity?
How to avoid rate shock
Water conservation should be year-round effort
Hoisington disaster unparalled for small town
Conference roundup: The beat goes on
Ringworms, water well protection and catfish
City of Clay Center and minimum desirable streamflow administration
Cleaning pipelines benefits Nemaha RWD 1
It's time water systems develop advertising campaigns
Cross connection liability for the water purveyor
Removing sludge can be self-help project
On-site help - when and where it's needed
Working with neighbors is important
System operators have real responsibilities
Decentralized wastewater system planned in Sedgwick County

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March 2001 Issue

Fulfilling the mission
Bottled water costs more, so it must be better, right?
Systems benefit from their association
Water loss not always due to leaks
Glad to be joining the KRWA team
Electrical maintenance workshops always popular
What every new operator and system should know
Water use reporting requirements
Source Water Assessment: Local decisions, local remedies
A little common sense goes a long way
Regulation vs. reasonableness

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November 2000 Issue

I've had my fill
Kansas Drinking Water Loan Fund sets the standard
Arsenic and radon regs will hit hard
Open meetings and open records: The screws tighten
EPA regs won't trample on private property rights -- but could be expensive
Missed CCR deadlines: Arrogance or ignorance?
Witches, flying monkeys and wellhead protection in the land of Oz
Case study: Morrill gets help, solves problem
Pay now or pay later?
Questions about wastewater disinfection
Certificate of Appropriation: Your vitally important water rights document
Water conservation starts with you
Customer surveys: Antidote for the grapevine!
Changing filter media helps Chetopa
Chlorination -- the extra measure of protection
NRWA celebrates 25th anniversary

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July 2000 Issue

When will the madness end?
Whaddaya mean, no water? There's plenty of water in Kansas
Boundary battles
Nose warts and wellhead protection
KRWA initiates new Water Rights Program
What's new at the parts house?
KRWA training in 2000: Back to the BASICS
Backup supplies, CCRs and the Web
Can you handle it?
Conference roundup: Breaking the barrier: 2000 + in 2000
New regulations coming fast
Let's talk safety
Formoso digs KAN STEP
Increasing revenues without increasing rates

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March 2000 Issue

Hello! Is anyone out there?
On swallerin' frogs
Money: Your board's No. 1 topic
Wastewater help a phone call away
Training targets hot topics
Fluoridation is safe and effective
Plans + Service = The Future
Here to serve . . .
It's 2000! Are you onboard?
Observations and opinions
Common Sense on Meter Installation
Capacity development will help

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November 1999 Issue

Are you ready to trade?
Water loss reduction success
Time to talk back
Consumer Confidence Reports tell the story
Capacity development: Opportunity or Threat?
Public Water Loan Fund and KIAC get high marks
Turbidity compliance protects public health
From Marysville to KRWA
Public Water Supply Loan Fund biannual report card
Source Water Protection: Has your water system been vaccinated?
More regulations -- more responsibility
RWD gets tank interior project under warranty
Now that I'm retired

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July 1999 Issue

What kind of people constitute KRWA?
Action is what makes a difference
Capacity development -- new "must-know" tool
New regulations will affect source water systems
Regional water system concept seems appropriate
Is your self contained breathing apparatus ready?
Operator for hire
Water loss work continues
Denitrification in Kansas
Tapping contest draws big crowd
Spending public water supply loan funds faster
Water loss determination: for what it's worth
Congratulations to Steve Dawson and City of Oakley
Bits & Pieces: Sales tax bill fails (again)

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March 1999 Issue

Our commitment - our profession
From under the dome into the pipeline
A time to reflect
Greetings, Lifeline readers
Helping you deliver
Small town survival steps
City of Preston rethinks solutions
Impressions -- terrific or terrible?
Wastewater topics popular at KRWA conference
The Little Water Rascals open conference
Protecting our water
Focusing on compliance
High Plains aquifer study will generate hard data on groundwater depletion
One-stop financing

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November 1998 Issue

Training doesn't cost -- it pays!
The housewife and the need for cross-connection control
Dealing with the media when you're under attack
Computer change epidemic hits
Source Water Assessment: Time to move on
Options for financing
Milk from the cow -- water from the faucet
Kansas self-help: Small towns environment
Emergency plan gets test
KDHE sampling rwds in Kansas for vinyl chloride
Getting ready for winter
Consumer Confidence Reports: Fast train coming
Water and wastewater pricing, part II
Bad news bugs

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July 1998 Issue

A bright future is ahead
Why municipal and rural systems NEED strategic planning sessions
Computer blues? You're not alone
Getting a handle on water and wastewater pricing
Working together brings results
Easements are necessary -- but there is always the exception
Source water assessments are new SDWA requirement
Statewide water needs survey uncovers unexpected growth
Source water assessment program
Water loss problems won't go away
A "free solution" to one city's major wastewater problems
Leave it to beaver . . .
Encroaching by rural water districts
Guidelines for the installation of backflow preventers
1998 conference attendance shatters records

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March 1998 Issue

New era, new demands, new results
Prompting regulatory responsibility
1997's defining moments for KRWA
Job interviews not what they used to be
Surface Water Quality Commission opens -- or reflects -- split in Kansas
Customer complaints deserve careful handling
Wulverine whuppers, badger busters
Wastewater program gains advocates
A filter for this, a filter for that
Mount Hope is on the rebound
Sourcewater protection starts at the grassroots level
It's good to be back in Kansas

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November 1997 Issue

Something for Everyone
Who's in Charge of your System's Future?
A Turn-Around Success Story
Another Letter from Eustis
Training Credits
Hog Issue is More than just Smell
Where Have We Been?
Special help for high loss systems
The Need for Backflow Prevention
Web Browsing for Grownups
Getting SRF Dollars in Kansas
New SDWA $$$ Help Small Systems

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July 1997 Issue

How Do You Measure Success?
New State Loan Program Coming
Familiar Face . . . Different Place
Control System Options
Adventures in Fire Fighting
Have Boat, Will Float
Where, Oh Where Are Those Valves?
The Wingding at the Wichita Superdome
Protecting Public Water Supplies at the Source
Dentists and Backflow Prevention

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March 1997 Issue

New Challenges for '97 and Beyond
Making Tracks for the Future
Here Tank, There a Tank
Groundwater, Source Water Protection

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July 1995 Issue

Bottled water flunks the test

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