Wednesday, June 23, 2021
"An investment in Knowledge pays the best Interest."

Ben Franklin's words still ring true today. So we pick out the most appropriate articles in current events and news regarding the Water Industry both nationally and in Kansas to filter the most pertinent information for you.

Special E-News

07/29/2020 - Weekly KRWA E-News

Census "Rural Week of Action" begins August 2nd thru August 8th!   
Use the hashtags #ShapeYourFuture #2020Census and our ever strong #KansasCounts! Get pumped up for this campaign and check out why rural counts by following this link. Attached are a number social media/fliers that can be used including some from Kansas Counts. Find more at the Kansas Counts Webpage for Rural


Check Your E-Mail!
The Census Bureau has announced it will begin emailing households in low-responding areas to encourage them to respond to the 2020 census. The email message will originate from and invite people to respond online at Emailing will begin this week and continue into September. As a reminder Kansas Census takers have already started the non-response follow up (NRFU) in selected areas! If census takers are at work in your neighborhood you may have already started to receive questions from residents. NE Kansas NRFU starts mid-August. For more information on what to expect from NRFU follow this link:

This Week’s Self-Response Metrics 

Kansas Self-Response rate is up 0.6% from this time last week. 66.5% of the households in Kansas have responded to the census so far. Our State is doing well and is currently ranked number 14 in the nation. This is a quantitative measure of residential responses. Visit the 2020 Census Response Rate Map to drill down for local data. The self-response rates by congressional districts are below: 

  • Congressional District 3 leads the way with 71.8% 
  • Congressional Districts 2 & 4 tie with 65.9%   
  • Congressional District 1 is trailing the national average with 62.3%  


Kansas Self-response Facts:  

  • Out of the 105 counties in Kansas, so far, only four have outperformed their 2010 final self-response rate. Congratulation Hodgeman, Miami, Chase, and Pottawatomie counties for delivering such outstanding results.  
  • At 37.2% Kearny county has the lowest Self Response Rate while Johnson County (and the majority of congressional district 3) holds the lead at 75.7%. 
  • The City of Hunnewell, Summer County has seen a 7.9% jump in it's self-response rate in the last week. WOW! 


Banners you can print in English and Spanish. Content, “Respond to the Census today It’s easy, safe & Secure.” 


Infogram: Remember we need MQA's to help people respond online to 2020 Census. The 2020 Census Mobile Questionnaire Assistance (MQA) program is back in business after being suspended by the coronavirus pandemic. Partnership Specialists, in conjunction with Census Response Representatives, will be in communities to help people respond to the census.

All of the resources can be found online at the Kansas Counts Website!