Sunday, December 5, 2021

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The November 2021 issue of KRWA's magazine, The Kansas Lifeline, has been delivered, replete with legislation, political issues, technical help, financial advice, and community news, as well as favorites: Letters, Fun & Philosophy, and Bits & Pieces! We also have a preview of the 2022 Annual Conference & Exhibition! If this online sampling of the magazine piques your interest, you can obtain a hard copy full edition of our Award Winning publication by emailing or calling the KRWA office.  If you prefer, download it in pdf format.  USE THE SEARCH BAR below by entering a word or string of words (e.g, bankruptcy) to search Lifeline articles back to 1997. The search will display a listing the search results and the text immediately following the word. To then locate the word in the document, do a CTRL F (to find) and search the respective document for the word.