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Monday, February 6, 2023
"An investment in Knowledge pays the best Interest."

Ben Franklin's words still ring true today. So we pick out the most appropriate articles in current events and news regarding the Water Industry both nationally and in Kansas to filter the most pertinent information for you.

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Gases in Confined Spaces Overwhelm Utility Workers Human Interest 01/27/2017
The Power of Simple Life Changes to Prevent Heart Disease Human Interest 12/12/2016
Health insurance rates could jump nearly 50 percent for some Human Interest 10/08/2016
""You can't drink this crap."" County's water can be gray, brown or yellow — if there is any Human Interest 10/06/2016
National Rural Water Presents Lifetime Achievement Award to Dennis Schwartz Human Interest 09/14/2016
Officials detect THC, marijuana's active ingredient, in Colorado town's public water supply Human Interest 07/21/2016
Scientists Conclude GMOs Not Harmful To Your Health Human Interest 05/17/2016
Frankfort, KS offering free residential sites Human Interest 02/27/2016
Emporia, Kan. Places Third in Great American Taste Test Human Interest 02/15/2016
Plains, Kansas -- and its lack of a grocery store featured in NY Times' article Human Interest 12/30/2014
Kansas Ranks Best in America For Its Young Volunteers Human Interest 12/28/2014
More than 50% of K-12 Students in Kansas Qualify for Free or Reduced-Price School Lunches Human Interest 12/09/2014
Prices of Some Generic Drugs Soaring as Much as 8,000 Percent Human Interest 11/21/2014
Open Enrollment for Health Insurance Begins Saturday, November 15 Human Interest 11/08/2014
Kansas Water Office Reminds Readers of the Conference on the Future of Water in Kansas Human Interest 10/31/2014
Enthusiasm High In Revitalizing Horton, KS Human Interest 10/18/2014
National Rural Water Association Provides Information on Ebola Human Interest 10/15/2014
Bottling Snake Oil? Bottled water no safer than tap water, report sayse Human Interest 10/09/2014
Galena, KS fires 10 city employees; taxes to increase 40 percent Human Interest 10/05/2014
Cawker City, KS Claims Record for Largest Ball of Twine Human Interest 09/29/2014
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