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Sunday, February 25, 2024
"An investment in Knowledge pays the best Interest."

Ben Franklin's words still ring true today. So we pick out the most appropriate articles in current events and news regarding the Water Industry both nationally and in Kansas to filter the most pertinent information for you.

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Title Category Date
National Rural Water's Wilbur Melton Urges Drinking Water Regulators to Avoid Promoting Public Notices that Unnecessarily Alarm Consumers Law 12/08/2016
Wastewater Utilities Oppose EPA's Request For Nutrient Information Law 12/02/2016
City of Eudora and Douglas County RWD 4 Negotiating End of Territorial Dispute Law 11/21/2016
R9 Ranch Water Project Brings Hays and Russell Together Law 06/30/2015
KRWA In Washington This Week Law 02/11/2015
Des Moines Sues Counties for High Nitrate Levels Law 01/27/2015
EPA Has New Proposed Regulation -- Add ""Finished Water Storage Inspection to the Revised Total Coliform Rule"" Law 01/12/2015
EPA Has A New Proposed Regulation: Finished Water Storage Inspection Law 01/12/2015
Nebraska and Oklahoma Sue Colorado Over Marijuana Law - Where's Kansas? Law 12/20/2014
More State, Municipal, School District Employees Become Eligible for Full-Time Health Benefits Law 12/08/2014
EPA Making Recommendations for Revising Lead and Copper Rule (LCR) Law 11/18/2014
EPA and Corps Clarify Regulation of Nation's Streams and Wetlands Law 03/29/2014
EPA Is Backing Down On "No Lead In Fire Hydrants" Issueer Law 12/22/2013
Kansas Rep. Joe Seiwert Says Kansas Fines For Overpumping Are A Jokeere Law
FDA Implements New Policy To Phase Out Indiscriminant Use Of Antibiotics For Livestock Law 12/12/2013
Special Water Master Says Nebraska Should Pay Kansas $5.5 Million in Republican River Disputer Law 11/16/2013
National RWA Asks Congress About Exemptions for Small Water Systems from Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Acts Law 10/28/2013
State Officials Warn of Possible Health Insurance Scamser Law  10/06/2013
Librarians to assist those using the Health Insurance Marketplaceerest Law 08/11/2013
EMC Says No School Insurance for Teachers With Guns Law
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