Friday, June 23, 2017

Letters of Technical Assistance

Kansas Rural Water Association provides technical assistance for Water Systems in the areas of Water Rights, Wellhead Protection, Source Water Protection, OIT Assistance, Surface Water Treatment, Vulnerability Assessment, Emergency Planning, Water Conservation, Conservation Plans and Leak Detection. See more about this assistance here. A major effort by the Association and its sister organization, the Kansas Rural Water Finance Authority, is to provide financial and management training and assistance to water and wastewater utilities in determining funding options, rate analysis and support for the Kansas Public Water Supply Loan Fund. 

Here are example letters of Technical Assistance followup correspondence. Letters are in pdf format.

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date system name staff
06/14/2017 Anderson Mobile Home Park Jeff Lamfers
06/14/2017 City of Cheney Douglas Helmke
06/14/2017 City of Garden Plain Douglas Helmke
06/14/2017 City of Sterling Douglas Helmke
06/13/2017 City of Clearwater Jeff Lamfers
06/13/2017 City of Minneola Jeff Lamfers
06/12/2017 City of Cawker City Charlie Schwindamann
06/12/2017 City of Council Grove Charlie Schwindamann
06/12/2017 Norton Correctional Facility Charlie Schwindamann
06/06/2017 City of Cunningham Jon Steele
06/06/2017 City of Silver Lake Charlie Schwindamann
06/05/2017 City of Belvue Greg Duryea
06/05/2017 City of Longford Jon Steele
06/05/2017 Dickinson RWD 1 Bret Beye
06/05/2017 City of Belvue Greg Duryea
06/04/2017 Comanche RWD 2 Jon Steele
06/04/2017 Kingman RWD 1 Jon Steele
06/04/2017 Sumner RWD 4 Jon Steele
06/01/2017 City of Fall River Jeff Lamfers
06/01/2017 City of Toronto Jeff Lamfers
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