Wednesday, April 26, 2017
"An investment in Knowledge pays the best Interest."

Ben Franklin's words still ring true today. So we pick out the most appropriate articles in current events and news regarding the Water Industry both nationally and in Kansas to filter the most pertinent information for you.

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National Rural Water Association Proposes Rule Changes for Drinking Water Systems Legislative News 04/14/2017
Bipartisan Opposition To Trump’s Water Cuts Is Already Growing Legislative News 04/06/2017
NPR Goes to Strong City, Kanas to Review A Water Project to Find that “Some Rural Trump Voters Embrace The Sacrifices That Come With Support" National News 04/01/2017
Minutes - Annual Meeting of Membership and Reorganizational Meeting KRWA Meeting Minutes 03/31/2017
Board of Directors' Meeting, March 27, 2017 KRWA Meeting Minutes 03/30/2017
Trump's Budget Proposal Eliminates USDA Loan / Grant Funding for Water and Wastewater Utilities and All CDBG Programs National News 03/16/2017
The World Wide Web's inventor warns it's in peril on 28th anniversary Technical 03/11/2017
Officials Set to Discuss Infrastructure Funding, Regulations, 1926(b), the Farm Bill and Cyber Security at Regional/Water District Issues Forum National News 03/09/2017
How you can help: Money, hay donations, supplies for fire victims Environment 03/08/2017
EPA Says More Households Will Struggle to Pay Water, Sewer Bills Financial 02/22/2017
EPA Approves Wisconsin’s Innovative Phosphorus Variance Program Environment 02/20/2017
Update on Legislation Being Monitored by Kansas Rural Water Association Legislative News 02/18/2017
Battle over who pays for water plan funding begins in House committee State Government 01/31/2017
"Blue Ribbon Panel" Recommends Dedicated Sales Tax Revenue to Fund State Water Plan State Government 01/28/2017
Gases in Confined Spaces Overwhelm Utility Workers Human Interest 01/27/2017
Legislative Bills Introduced at Request of KRWA State Government 01/25/2017
EPA Denies $1 Billion-plus in Claims from Toxic Colorado Mine Spill Environment 01/14/2017
Groups Create Roadmap for Replacing Lead Pipes National News 01/12/2017
Can the USDA Make Inroads for Water Quality and Water Infrastructure Where the EPA Has Struggled? National News 01/05/2017
Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack Outlines Ways USDA Has Benefited Millions of Americans National News 01/01/2017
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