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Monday, December 4, 2023

Printed & Digital Mapping Products

Kansas Rural Water has been a partner with water and wastewater utilities for nearly 40 years. KRWA will provide training and technical assistance along with any of the mapping options the system selects. KRWA will be here to help systems develop and implement their mapping system to meet future needs of their utilities and their communities. Kansas Rural Water guarantees your main advantage is that you will be in control of your data.

Wall Maps

What does a wall map look like?

This sample shows the range of the wall map.
Click here to view this entire wall map in high resolution. (4MB)

How much detail is there?

This sample is an even closer view of the wall map above.
Click here to view this segment of the wall map in high resolution. (305K)

Map Book

Maps can also be generated into a map book format. The map book is an 18" by 24" high quality, high-detail booklet of maps that can be easily disassembled so any page can be replaced with an update. In rural water districts for example, each sheet in the present map book format covers approximately four square miles. An index of detail sheets is also included showing larger scale drawings and measurements of valves to other features.

Digital Format

KRWA can also provide maps in a digital format. The city or RWD will receive viewing software and the digital data of their infrastructure. This allows the utility personnel to view and print portions of the map using the free software that is provided. The software and file can be operated on nearly any Pentium level computer. Feature attributes, details such as size and date of installation, can be added and edited with additional programming. The utility can also utilize after-market products such as a hand-held computer in conjunction with a GPS attachment and software (total cost of approximately $1,500) to use the digital map file created by KRWA to navigate in the field.

Click here to view this water supplier map in high resolution. (1.2MB)


KRWA has access to maps for many RWD and PWWS systems in the state, of infrastructure and points of interconnection.  These maps are in .pdf format and are available to everyone. KRWA can send the map in digital or printed format for the cost of materials. Contact KRWA, 785.336.3760 or for information regarding these maps. You can also view our RWD Mapovers online.